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Middlesex Sunday League 2018



Main Contact                                                                                Other Officer

Bharat Olympians

Pankaj Sheth                                                                                  Devendra Patel                                                       

020 8907 0927/07802 451171                                                   07841 952957

Ground: Metropolitan Police Sports Ground, Aldenham Road, Bushey, Hertfordshire WD23 2TR

Tel: 01923 243947



Ashish Jivan                                                                                    Bivar Lacmane                                            

020 8903 7137/07525 059842                                                   020 8903 7137/07858 105672

Ground 1: Boston Manor Playing Fields, Boston Gardens, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9LR

Nearest Underground: Boston Manor (Piccadilly Line)

Ground 2: London Marathon Playing Field, Birkbeck Avenue, Greenford, Middlesex UB6 8LS



Hursh Joshi                                                                                     Sundeep Patel                                 

07956 872292                                                                               07957 167660

Ground: JFS School, The Mall, Kenton, Middlesex HA3 9TE


Heston United

Navdeep Sohil                                                                               Gurteg Singh Sandhu                                             

07715 881799                                                                               07919 350141

Ground: Slough Cricket Club, Upton Court Road,Slough, Berkshire, SL3 7LT


Jai Bharat

Ketan Varia                                                                                    Anit Shah                                                     

07803 009053                                                                               020 8931 0107/07912 612489

Dharmang Vora:  07969 297909

Ground: Raghuvanshi Charitable Trust, RCT Sports Centre, off Headstone Lane, Hatch End, Harrow, Middlesex HA2 6NF, (Entrance: Opposite Headstone Lane British Rail Station and next to Harrow Saint Mary’s C C. Tel: 07968 022873


Kensington & Chelsea

Graeme Bowman                                                                         Nadim Haider                                              

07886 490019                                                                               07703 150567

                                                                                                         Dinesh Hosamani


                                                                                                         07786 655514

Ground 1: The Isleworthians, The Memorial Ground, Wood Lane, Isleworth, Middlesex TW7 5ED

Ground 2: Barn Elms Playing Fields, Queen Elizabeth Walk, London SW13 9SA



Main Contact                                                                                Other Officer


Yoav Lebens: 07737 900744

Ground: Comdenians Sports Centre, Burton Lane, Mill Hill, London NW7 1AS


Northwick Park C C

Sujish Jacob: 07450 272632                                                       Padmakumar Venugopal: 07429 868292                                                  

Ground 1: Northwick Park, The Fairway, Wembley, Middlesex HA0 3TQ

Ground 2: JFS School, The Mall, Kenton, Middlesex HA3 9TE


Rajput Samaj Sports Club

Mohansinh Darbar                                                                       Virendrasinh Rathod                                        

07538 676459                                                                               07950 246158

Ground: Boston Manor Playing Fields, Boston Gardens, Brentford, Middlesex TW8 9LR

Nearest Underground: Boston Manor (Piccadilly Line)


Singh Sabha Slough C C

Kushal Arora                                                                                  Raman Kumar                                                    07984 154045

07411 423009

Ground: Singh Sabha Sports Centre, Stoke Pages Lane, Slough SL1 3LW

From M4 take junction 5 or M4 junction 6. Then take A4 Bath Road, then take Stoke Pages Lane. Pass Haveli Banquet Restaurant – you will see sign board of Singh Sabha Sports Centre as well as for the ground.


West Harrow C C

Ajit Vyas                                                                                          Brian McGrory                                                    

07974 177283                                                                               07535 460276

Ground: Headstone Manor Recreation Ground, Headstone Lane, North Harrow, Middleses HA2 6JL

Tel: 020 8537 7145. Club House is situated behind House No. 101 Headstone Lane


Wilkinson Way

Everton Jones                                                                                E Bailey                                            

01753 882270 (H)                                                                         07956 199272

07836 260529                                                                               Ajmal – 07771 756018


Ground 1: Imperial College (Ex British Airways), Crane Lodge, Cranford, Middlesex TW5 9PQ

Ground 2: Chandos Recreation, Camrose Avenue, Edgware, Middlesex HA8 6BX






CONTACTS OF LEAGUE COMMITTEE 2016 – Updated 5 May 2016

Designation                  Name of Member       Telephone Numbers      Email Address


Chairman:                     Pankaj Sheth                020 8907 0927 (H)

                                                                                 07802 451171 (M)


Secretary:                    Mohansinh Darbar      07538 676459 (M)                                                     


Treasurer:                    Terry Hyman                  01707 656053   (H)

                                                                                 020 7283 1604 (W)

                                                                                 07762 268649  (M)                  


Welfare Officer:       Ajit Vyas                            07974 177283  (M)


Result Secretary & Webmaster:      Jonathan Lederman      07966 447228  (M)  



APRIL 2016



This competition will be known as the Middlesex Sunday Cricket League (“MSCL”)



Any club whose ground is within the Cricket County of Middlesex and its borders, shall be eligible for membership. Committee shall have power to admit any club whose ground is located outside Middlesex and its borders. No club may change it’s ground without approval by the committee.



The league shall be governed by the Management Committee (hereafter called “the committee) consisting of:   A. Chairman

                    B. Secretary

                    C. Treasurer

                    D. Welfare Officer

                    E. Result Secretary

The Management Committee shall have power to co-opt new members on the committee.



1)    The competition shall be played on a league basis with the clubs divided into 2 to 3 divisions

based upon number of teams participating in that year


2)    Each club playing the other twice on a home and away basis (unless otherwise agreed) on an agreed date, decided by the Committee prior to the commencement of the season. Matches may only be rearranged by mutual consent in exceptional circumstances such as pre-existing cup commitments and long-standing friendly fixtures. The Committee to be advised of rearranged dates as soon as possible.


3)    At the completion of all league matches, the club with the most points will be the winners of the division.


4)    In the event of two or more clubs gaining equal points, finishing positions will be determined by net run rate, as per the website.


5)    For Division 1, the Committee will endeavour to arrange an equal number of home and away matches. Where practical home/away matches are to be alternated each year between the same clubs.



6)    The 2 top teams from Division 2 will be promoted to Division 1 and the bottom 2 from Division 1 will be relegated to Division 2. Similarly, the 2 top teams from Division 3 will be promoted to Division 2 and the bottom 2 teams from Division 2 will be relegated to Division 3. In exceptional circumstances the Committee reserve the right to promote additional team/s. At a club’s explicit request a team that finishes outside the bottom 2 may be relegated.


7)    New clubs may be added by the Committee to the appropriate division, after the end of the season or before the start of the season based upon their perceived strength.



      (a) Each member club shall pay to the league a subscription as agreed at the Annual General


      (b) Any club whose subscriptions remains unpaid by the 31st January in any one year may

           be struck off the roll of membership, but official warning to this effect will be given as

           directed by the committee.

      (c) No team will be allowed to take part in any league match until their payment for the

           current season has been received. Once the season starts, any team that has not made

           their full payment will automatically be deemed to have lost any match they were due to

           play in up until the full payment is received. 4 points will also be deducted as if they had

           forfeited the match and their opponents will receive 4 points.



1)    The standard  MCC Laws of cricket will apply, except for the amendments as below.


2)    All matches will be 40 overs per side, with a maximum 8 overs per bowler.


3)    One new ball per innings will be used (to be supplied by the League).


4)    Throughout each innings, six players (including the bowler and the wicketkeeper) must be within 30 yards (27.4m) of the bat when the bowler releases the ball.  To this effect the home team must mark out a 30-yard fielding circle using white discs or markers. 


5)    No-ball/Wide-ball


The bowler shall be limited to one short-pitched ball per over. A short pitched ball is defined as one that passed or would have passed above shoulder height of the striker standing upright at the crease. The umpire at the bowler’s end shall indicate clearly when such a short pitched ball is bowled. Should the one short-pitched ball be exceeded in any over, the umpire at the bowler’s end shall call and signal no ball and implement procedures of Law 42.7.



Umpires are instructed to apply a very strict and consistent interpretation in regard to Law 25 in order to prevent negative bowling wide of the wicket. Any offside or leg side delivery which in the opinion of the umpire does not give the batsmen a reasonable opportunity to score shall be called a wide. For guidance purposes, a leg side wide should be called if a ball passes on the leg side outside the pads of the batsman standing in a normal guard position.


6)    In the event of poor weather the following will apply:


6.1     To constitute a game, both sides must have faced at least 20 overs (unless the team batting second wins in less than 20 overs, or the team batting first is bowled out in less than 20 overs) for a result to stand.

6.2     If the side batting second is unable to face as many overs as the side batting first then run rate will apply.

6.3     If bad weather delays the start of play or interrupts the first innings of the match, a total  of 30 minutes will be allowed before overs are reduced. Thereafter 2 overs will be deducted from the match (1 per team) for every 6 minutes lost in each delay.

      6.4      If there is an interruption in the second innings, then 1 over is deducted for every 3

                minutes lost in each delay.

6.5  If the teams do not bat the same number of overs then run rate will apply. Run rate for          both innings will be:- runs scored divided by overs faced (an unfinished over counts as  a full over, regardless of how many balls have been bowled).

6.6 For the purposes of the above Rules a team being bowled out or declaring, will  be      considered to have faced the maximum number of overs possible. In the event of a team       having fewer than 11 players and being all out, 10 wickets are deemed to have been lost

6.7           In a weather-affected match, any reduction in the length of the innings shall result in the quota reduction of overs per bowler. The maximum limit per bowler shall be calculated by dividing the length of the innings by five.

6.8           Matches cancelled or abandoned due to inclement weather cannot be rearranged.

6.9 If a match is cancelled by the away team for any other reason than the weather during

      the ten days leading up to the match date, the away team will be liable to pay their

      opponents £150.00 for ground cost and £45.00 for tea cost. Umpires fees will also be

      payable by the away team if the umpires are in attendance prior to being informed of

      such cancellation.

6.10       The minimum number of players in a team to honour a fixture shall be eight at the start of     the game.

6.11       If one team (Home or Away) is ready to take field at the scheduled start time (1.30pm) and the other is waiting for their players at the scheduled start time of play, then the team who is ready to take field will receive full quota of their overs and the offending team will lose one over every three minutes lost. If the team in question is not ready to take field at the expiry of one hour (2.30pm) after the schedule start time, the game will be deemed as forfeit by the offending team resulting in deduction of four points from the offending team and four points awarded to the non-offending team, unless otherwise agreed by both captains for late start.


7)            In the event that scores are level at the end of a match (or run rate is identical in a reduced overs match) then a tie will be declared irrespective of the number of wickets lost.


8)            Tea will normally be taken between innings and is to be of 30 minutes duration.

          Tea cost will be not more than £45.00.


9)            Matches are to commence at 1.30p.m., unless otherwise agreed by participating clubs (the committee should be advised of such changes at least two days before the day of the match). The latest start time in a weather affected match shall be 3.30pm. Matches played in September shall start at 1.00pm and the latest start time in a weather affected match shall be 3.00pm. The Toss: The toss must take place on the field of play not later than 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of play.

               In the event of the team not having minimum number of eight players at the time of toss (i.e. 15 minutes before the scheduled start time of play), they shall forfeit the toss.


          At the toss an immediate decision by the winning captain must be made.


10)          Points will be awarded as follows

Winning team                                             4 points

Tie                                                             2 points to each side

               Abandoned or cancelled due to weather      2 points to each side

Cancelled by failure to raise team                4 points to non-defaulting team, 4 points deducted from the defaulting team (the Committee will rule on extenuating circumstances)


11)          UMPIRES: Clubs to provide qualified umpires from within their own ranks if at all possible. In the event that only 1 club can provide a qualified umpire, then that official must stand at the bowlers end for the entire match. The MSCL will not remunerate umpires. In the event that there is only 1 qualified umpire for a match, then both teams shall contribute equally to his cost.


12)          The scoreboard shall be updated at the end of every over, with the umpires keeping a note of the score.


13)          RESULTS

Both teams must e-mail the result to The information to be provided is the result, runs, wickets lost and overs faced. This information must be received by 7.00pm on the Tuesday following the match, even for abandoned or                cancelled matches. 1 Point will be deducted from any team failing to comply.















14)                      INSURANCE:

                All participating clubs will be responsible to provide their own Public Liability Insurance.  




(a)  Entry into the league shall be by application to the Secretary of the League. New clubs applying to join the league should forward with their application references from at least  two teams they have played against.

(b)  Any club who wishes to withdraw from the league must send in writing to reach the Secretary not later than 30th September of the year preceding the withdrawal is to take effect.  


16)                      EXPULSION FROM MEMBERSHIP:

The committee shall have power to expel from the membership of any club that has contravened these rules or in the opinion of the committee otherwise brought discredit upon the league, except that no club shall be expelled without having the opportunity of sending representatives to state a case before the committee.


17)           DISSOLUTION:

The league may be dissolved by a resolution of a General Meeting. Should there be insufficient at the time of dissolution to meet liabilities, the deficit shall be met by the member clubs in such proportions as the General Meeting dissolving the league shall determine.



Players can only play for 1 team in the competition (if a player joins another club, the Committee will rule on their eligibility).


FIRST CLASS PLAYER: No player who has played in any form of first class cricket in the last 3 years can play in the competition.


OVERSEAS PLAYER: No club can playan overseas player. An overseas player is defined as a player who comes to UK for the purpose of playing cricket and then leaves at or towards the end of season back to his original country.

Players who have migrated to UK or been transferred for work reasons or students from abroad are not classified as overseas players.



The standing Committee will ensure that the AGM will take place by the end of October each year.


Any team not attending the AGM will have 2 points deducted at the start of the following season. The Committee will rule on exceptional circumstances.






The ECB has issued guidance in relation to Junior Cricketers, covering: -

·       The wearing of helmets by batsman & wicket keepers and additional requirements for the younger age group

·       Fielding regulations

·       Fast bowling

The requirements set forth vary according to the age of the young player. The dates at which the age groups are determined is midnight of the 31st August of the preceding season.

Responsibility for ensuring the Rules set forth below, incorporating such guidance, are complied with rest with the young players’ club and their Captain on the day of the match

The signed team sheet provided to the umpires before the start of the match must identify  ages of each young player on the 31st August of the preceding year.

1.The wearing of helmets by batsman & wicketkeepers and additional requirements for the    younger age group.

ECB HELMET DIRECTIVES: The ECB Helmet Safety directives for young players up to the age of 18 years will apply to all matches within the league. Captains are required to ensure that young players wear a helmet with a faceguard when batting and when standing up to the stumps when keeping wicket.  Parental consent not to wear a helmet will not be accepted.  A young player acting as a runner must also wear a helmet even if the player he is running for is not doing so.


·       No young player in the U15 age group or younger shall be allowed to field closer than 8 yards (7.3m) from the middle stump, except behind the wicket on the off-side, until the batsman has played at the ball

·       For players U13 age group and below the distance is 11 yards (10 meters) measured from the middle stump of the strikers wicket. For U15 the same applies, except that the distance is 8 Yards.

·       These minimum distances apply even if the player is wearing a helmet.

·       Should a young player in these age groups come within the restricted distances, the umpire must stop the game immediately and instruct the fielders to move back.

·       In addition any young player in the U16 to U18 age group, who has not reached the age of 18 must wear a helmet and, for boys an abdominal protector (box) when fielding within 6 yards (5.5 meters) of the bat, except behind the wicket on the offside. Players should wear appropriate protective equipment whenever they are fielding in a position where they feel at risk.

·       These fielding regulations are applicable to all cricket in England and Wales. Age groups are based on the age of the player at midnight on 31st August in the year proceeding the current season.


The current ECB fielding regulations must be adhered to and enforced by the umpires and captain. The umpires are empowered by these fielding regulations to stop the game immediately if a young player comes within the restricted distance.

The umpires and the opposing captain must be notified of the age group of all players participating in an adult match who are in the Under 18 age group or younger, even if the player is not a fast bowler. This requirement also covers any young player taking the field as a substitute fielder.

Any player in the Under 13 age group and younger must have explicit written consent from a parent or guardian before participating in the MSCL.  The club for whom any player in the under 13 age group or younger plays in the MSCL shall ensure that a parent, guardian or other identified responsible adult is present when he plays.

Clubs must ensure that their player registration procedures ensure that such consent is obtained.  The guidance related to changing and showering (see ‘Safe Hands’ – Cricket’s Policy for Safeguarding Young People) must be adhered to.

No player in the under 12 age group or younger will be permitted to play in the MSCL.

For the purpose of the above rules on Junior Cricketers playing in the MSCL, age groups are based on the age of the player at midnight on 31st August in the year preceding the current season.

3. Fast Bowling Regulations

Set forth below are the maximum number of overs a Junior Cricketer can bowl in one spell or a match:


Max overs per spell

Max overs per day


5 overs per spell

10 overs per day

U14, U15

6 overs per spell

12 overs per day

U16, U17, U18, U19

7 overs per spell

18 overs per day

For the purposes of these rules a fast bowler is defined as a bowler to whom a wicketkeeper in the same age group would in normal circumstances stand back to take the ball.

Having completed a spell the bowler cannot bowl again, from either end, until the equivalent number of overs to the length of his spell have been bowled from the same end.



A bowler can change ends without ending his current spell provided that he bowls the next over that he legally can from the other end. If this does not happen his spell is deemed to be concluded.

If play is interrupted, for any reason, for less than 40 minutes any spell in progress at the time of the interruption can be continued after the interruption up to the maximum number of overs per spell for the appropriate age group.

If the spell is not continued after the interruption the bowler cannot bowl again, from either end, until the equivalent number of overs to the length of his spell before the interruption have been bowled from the same end. If the interruption is of 40 minutes or more, whether scheduled or not, the bowler can commence a new spell immediately.

Once a bowler covered by these Rules has bowled in a match he cannot exceed the maximum number overs per day for his age group even if he subsequently bowls spin. He can exceed the maximum overs per spell if bowling spin, but cannot then revert to bowling fast until an equivalent number of overs to the length of his spell have been bowled from the same end.

If he bowls spin without exceeding the maximum number of overs in a spell the maximum will apply as soon as he reverts to bowling fast.

Age groups are based on the age of the player at midnight on August 31st in the year preceding the current season.


In the case of objections/complaints by clubs, against a club, player or umpire, shall be sent in writing/email to the League Secretary (also copied to the Secretary of the opposing club) within five working days of the match to which the objection/complaints refers.


With regards to any other matter not relating to disciplinary issues such as late start, interpretation of the Laws of Cricket, Poor Tea, Ground Facilities etc. The league committee shall have power to deal with the matter and shall have the power to impose monetary penalties and/or deduction of points for any incident.



The above rules were approved by the committee at the committee meeting held on Thursday

31st March 2016 at “Club 1282”, 182-184 Preston Road, Wembley, Middlesex HA9 8PA





Pankaj Sheth                                                           

31st March 2016